Liberty county, ga

Liberty County is a unique place where true Southern hospitality is still very much alive. With a melting pot of cultures and just the right blend of history and modern amenities its charm will envelop you and captivate you for sure!


Eat & Drink

Sunbury Crab Company
539 Brigantine Dunmore Road
(912) 884-8640

Zum Rosenhof
103 Midway Street
(912) 876-2191

Smokin’ Pig
13711 E Oglethorpe Highway
(912) 884-4495

Izola’s Country Cafe
809 Willowbrook Drive
(912) 463-4709

Good To Go Jamaican
812 Elma G Miles Parkway
(912) 369-3933



Dunham Farms
5836 Islands Highway
(912) 880-4500

La Quinta Inn & Suites
1740 E Oglethorpe Highway
(912) 369-3000

Fort Morris Historica Site
2559 Fort Morris Road
(912) 884-5999


Play & Shop

Get Outside + Go
You can always find something to do outdoors while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Liberty County whether you prefer to kayak, take your dog for a walk around the pond at Bryant Commons or explore Cay Creek Wetlands.

3rd Infantry Division Museum
158 Calvary Way
(912) 767-7885

Dorchester Academy + Museum
8787 E Oglethorpe Highway
(912) 884-2347

Midway Museum
491 N Coastal Highway
(912) 884-5837

Vintage + Boutique Shopping