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Film Makers Who have Grit

We believe in the power of story. Whether that story takes the form of the printed word, the read-aloud narrative, or images projected on a screen, we believe that beautiful stories have the power to change our lives.

Check out some of our favorite Southern film directors.


Stephen has been a photographer since 2008, but that wasn’t always the plan. After a stint as a veterinary science major (he loves animals and comes from a family of scientists), he made the switch to art and first picked up a camera while incorporating photos in a series of encaustic paintings. There was something about the combination of art and technical detail that clicked, and it’s been his passion ever since.

With a love for the details of lighting and composition, Stephen thrives when working with a team of creatives on a food or still life shoot. And he also loves the spontaneity of being on the road for a travel shoot, capturing the unique character of an interesting place.

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Bob Miller

Bob Miller is a film director and photographer with roots in the American South. As a visual storyteller specializing in non-fiction, he provides regional coverage of contemporary social issues for a wide range of editorial clients. As a film director, Bob extends the same journalistic ethos to commercial storytelling, crafting original content to promote reputable brands. Bob accepts commissions from anyone who has a desire to leverage authentic storytelling. It is his conviction that a good story transcends barriers – pushing us beyond our own experience into the reality that we are all characters living similar narratives, facing like challenges.


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