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The Podcast of Good Grit Magazine

The South is filled continuously with stories of hope, compassion, and the perseverance of the human spirt. We hope to honor those stories here. 

Each week, we have a celebrated storyteller read one of Good Grit's favorite stories. We hope these episodes give you a glimpse into the hope and compassion that is always around us, and sadly, often goes unnoticed.


GGS - The Not-So-Mad Hatter: Gunner Fox

When you’re at a dark spot, you believe you can’t get out. You believe that your creativity and personality come from the booze. That is the biggest lie you can tell yourself.”
— Gunner Foxx

Meet our Narrators


Nancy Peterson

It all started with petty theft. 

The brand new tape recorder my dad purchased for work was too tempting to bear. Sneaking the prize, my friends and I recreated worlds from our favorite chapter books, reading aloud into the novel device. Ferrante and Teicher melodies provided background music. 

And thus began what I could never have imagined…a career as an audiobook narrator.

 2018 Audie Award Winner // Over 80 Book Narrations


Matt Godfrey

Matt Godfrey was raised on O’Connor, Welty, and Lee, and spent most of his teenage years in Yoknapatawpha County. But he travelled wherever the books took him, from Alabama to Tokyo, Twain to Murakami. Now he has the privilege of bringing those books to life as an audiobook narrator. He works in all genres and in a lot of accents, but specializes in his beloved Southern Gothic.


Two-Time Nominee for the Society of Voice Arts & Sciences Awards