Editor's Letter: Wanderlust

Words by Laura Quick

Photo by Kenwyn Alexander

Good Grit /ɡo͝od grit/ n. 1. a spirit achieved by those who overcome with damn good stories. Watching her walk through fire reminded me that she had good grit.


It has been four years since our inaugural Wanderlust hit newsstands in 2015. I still remember the beginning so vividly--everyone working around one conference table in a tiny, 200 sq ft office, trying to hit that first deadline and get that baby off to print. It felt like a monumental task. Then it happened. We did it. Our first issue hit newsstands all across the state of Alabama and the gulf coast of Florida. We were so excited and exhausted and proud and overwhelmed, all at once. 

Fast forward to our current place in the industry--curating content in 16 states with subscribers in 48 states, and all with the purpose of inspiring you and reminding you that you are NOT ALONE in this wild crazy life. Your trials and your falling-face-down moments are not wasted; they are your good grit. 

I am humbled by our success and growth over these last four years, and now more than ever, I know we continue to grow by learning to find people who believe what we believe, who are smarter than we are, and then finding a way to get them on our team. I met Shelly Brown in a of 2016, and together we curated our Wanderlust 2017 issue. We became very close friends, having similar wit and humor but totally different strengths and personalities. I had a hunch right when we met that she was someone I would know for a very long time. However, I could not have predicted that together we would mourn BIG, HUGE LOSSES and CELEBRATE insane wins and breakthroughs in only a few short years. But here we are, and that is what happened. 

Shelly Brown is one of the most inspiring humans I know; she definitely has good grit. Fiercely grounded in her faith, a mom of five incredible kids, creative, smart, and tenacious, she’s the kind of beautiful that comes from the inside out. She is one of my favorite humans to believe in something daringly audacious with. 

That is why nothing makes me happier than announcing she is not only my new business partner, but starting with our Harvest 2019 issue, she will also be Good Grit’s new Editor in Chief. 

Shelly has such a heart for story telling--the kind that will continue to inspire you to lean into the challenging seasons of your story. The way she walks out her own story is proof that there is redemption on the other side of your perseverance and grit.  

This first issue we have put together as a team is in collaboration with President Paula Wallace from SCAD. This pioneer, innovator, and disruptor in the education space has a story to tell that will inspire you to redefine the Legacy you hope to leave behind. She was an elementary school teacher who sold everything to chase her wild dream of SCAD. Since 1979, SCAD has grown from a one-building school in the heart of downtown Savannah to a global phenomenon in the education space, with campus locations all over the world sure to spark your sense of adventure in Savannah, Atlanta, Lacoste France, and Hong Kong.

The art of living a life of purpose and the art of storytelling are woven together through this issue. We are reminded throughout these pages that every remarkable story of changing the world happens because someone is brave enough to share their audacious dream with others and let them come alongside them to make it happen. This issue has inspired us to keep chasing our dreams and our wanderlust, and to keep filling our hearts with stories that remind us we all have good grit.