About Good GRit

Good Grit is the only southern culture magazine capturing the authenticity of the perseverance that exists in the human spirit. We believe that the South is compiled of people from here and people who love it here–and maybe they aren’t “from around here”–but they’ve fallen in love and they are staying. The south has been begging for a progressive and truthful representation of who we are and who we want to be, and that also pays tribute to the legacies worthy of moving us forward. 

Good Grit is a movement walked out by compassionate and empathetic humans who want to leave the world better than they found it.  Our stories stretch from the origin of your great grandma’s biscuit recipe, to new emerging artists of all kinds. The technology and innovation that inspires us to wellness for our hearts and bodies. It’s about travel to the familiar and to the completely foreign, and stories about the people that stand in the cultural divides with hands outstretched to both sides, finally bringing us together. 

Ultimately Good Grit is using ink on a page to give a voice to the people and places and things that most closely articulate The Character of the South.

Good Grit Magazine is a bi-monthly publication proudly based in Birmingham, AL.


Our Team

The people who make it all happen

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Laura Quick


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Ashley Hurst


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Ashley Locke

Director of Digital Media

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Sarah Cait Sawyer


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Stephanie Davis

Senior Art Director

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Sarah Margaret Spivey

Assistant to the Publisher

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Caleb ChanceY

Creative Director


Eliza Bishop

Advertising Art Director


Rachel Ishee

Office Manager & Digital Editorial Assistant