Show up in Style

Mother's Day Brunch Attire

One of the most popular Mother's Day activities is treating your special lady to brunch. Whether you're having brunch at home or at a restaurant, it's always nice to have an ...

Fashions Most Classic Pattern

Earn Your Stripes

 Stripes are one of the few things guaranteed to never go out of style. If you take care of your classic striped tess and button ups, they will be in your ...

This Seasons Most Coveted Pairs

Let's Talk Denim

 Today, jeans are a major staple in everyone's closet. It doesnt matter whether you categorize yourself as someone who is fashion-forward or someone who couldn't care less- odds are you own ...

A Southern Style Icon

Ava Gardner

We've all heard of "Old Hollywood" style. The 1940's and 50's were prodigious in the history of cinema when film noirs were at their height. Glamour was bursting at the seams ...

The Earring Trend That is Worth a Try

Make a Statement

 Earrings have gone through many different trends throughout the years. We all have our go-to pair of simple hoops or studs, but it's always fun to throw in a more fashionable ...

Not Your Grandmother's Pillow

Celebrity Needlepoints

 Leeanna Lesley loves watching someone notice her art from across the gallery floor. At first, they may think it’s a painting. Then they quickly get confused. As they get closer, she ...

The Classic Pieces Everyone Needs in Their Closet

Wardrobe Staples

Classic pieces are the foundations of impeccable wardrobes. How does that old saying go? "Men come and go, but closet staples last forever?"

Finding Your Ideal Sunglasses

Perfect Fit

 Who doesn’t love a great pair of sunglasses? The perfect pair can make youfeel like a new you and the compliments come rolling in. Sunglasses serve an obvious purpose: they make ...