The Year of the One-Piece

Dip Into Summer

Dip Into Summer

The South is really starting to warm up in most areas. Your local pool and waterparks may not be opening up for another few weeks, but it is definitely swimsuit weather already! Exciting? Scary?


This year should make everyone happy, because the one-piece is trending! You can think what you want about bathing suits, but we can all agree that we are lucky to not have to wear dresses instead, because that is wear swimsuits got their start.


Swimming is not a this century invention; people have been looking to their local watering hole for entertainment for thousands of years. It wasn’t until the 17th century that an official outfit specified for swimming was worn. There is record of an English traveler named Celia Fiennes in 1687 documenting ladies swim attire in a bathhouse, common during the time. He described women wearing a stiff yellow canvas dresses with large sleeves; the garment didn’t cling to the body as to not see a woman’s figure.


Swimwear was in dress and bloomer form for a long period of time. Many swimming costumes were almost impossible to swim in so women would wade in the water while keeping their ankles well covered, of course. Some women added lead weights to their skirts to ensure that nothing was exposed.


Todays current swimwear is meant to help suntan and most of all keep the wearer cool on scorching hot days. Could you imagine a swimsuit made out of wool? Preposterous you say? During the Victorian era swimwear was made of just that. In the era’s defense, fabric choices weren’t what they are today, so we will give them a pass- this time.


In the early 1900’s you could be arrested for wearing bathing costumes that were too form fitting or showed too much calf. There were actual policeman that patrolled beaches looking out for indecent women.


As you see with most trends in the early 1900’s, trends were heavily influenced with the economy, especially during wartime. Less money for fabric means shorter skirts and- smaller swimsuits. Swimsuit policing would soon be a thing of the past.


Women in the 1930’s started to pave the way for the bikini by wearing two-piece suits that had a halter-top and shorts, but only a small portion of the midriff was exposed. As the restraints on womens fashion lessened, women were ready to try new and fun trends.


The very first bikini came into existence in 1946 by a French designer named Louis Reard. The swimsuit was presented at a popular swimming pool in Paris. Where did the bikini get its name you ask? A week earlier to the bikini debut a U.S. atomic test took place off the Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean. The introduction of the bikini certainly made a big boom.


Though the bikini had become all the rage in Europe, America didn’t follow suit until the 1960’s, starting its popularity in California. By the time the 70's came around bikinis were widely worn from coast to coast- espcially amongst the young community. Bikinis were being shown in popular film's during the 60's and 70's like Gidget10, and many Bond films like Dr. No; seeing bikinis on famous actresses certainly helped push the bikini into mainstream. The sky has progressively become the limit in swimwear ever since. 


Finding a swimsuit can be very stressful; there are tons of different options to choose from. This can be a scary season for some, but have no fear because this is the year of the one-piece! Early 20’s to the young at heart will be donning this water costume this year. All body types are rejoicing; the one piece is enticing again- think Baywatch.


With one-pieces you can go as covered or skimpy as you like; there isn’t just one style. The possibilities for one-pieces are endless from cutouts to small details like ruffles. There is a perfect one-piece out there for everyone! Don’t walk, run to the beach and show off your gorgeous figure in this years hit trend- you know you want to.


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