Finding Your Ideal Sunglasses

Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit

Who doesn’t love a great pair of sunglasses? The perfect pair can make you feel like a new you and the compliments come rolling in. Sunglasses serve an obvious purpose: they make the wearer appear presentable with tired eyes and no makeup… No? Sun protection is a significant purpose too.


Unlike other accessories, sunglasses can reshape your face; not only that, but they can change your mood. Have you ever put on a new pair of shades and caught yourself walking a little differently? You have and you know it; you’re not alone.


When walking into a sunglass store, the options can be overwhelming. You think to yourself, “Where to start first? I don’t want to try on every pair in the store to find my perfect fit!”


Trying on the ‘fun’ pairs can always be amusing, but after pair number 5, it’s time to get serious; you’re on a mission. Knowing the shape of your face and what type of sunglasses would be an ideal match for it can alleviate stress from your in store and online shopping experience. What woman doesn’t want to look like Jackie O, in her chic, oversized shades; but would that look work on you?


If you can’t pinpoint your face shape in the mirror, try outlining a picture of yourself. Here are the attributes you are looking for.


A round face is characterized by having similar measurements in the length and width of the face. Round faces often have prominent cheeks and soft lines around the chin and jawline. Be on the hunt for oversized, cat-eye, wayfarer, and geometric shades. These styles are an ideal match for your shape. Click the pictures to shop!




Square faces have a proportional width in the forehead, cheeks, and jaw. Squares have a jawline that is strong and square in appearance. The shades you’re looking for are oversized, cat-eyed, round, oval, and aviators. These styles will fit your face nicely. Click the pictures to shop!




 You can place an oval face when the length of the face is larger than the width. The top of the face is slightly wider than the bottom. Ovals tend to have pronounced check bones.


People with oval faces are the luckiest of us. Almost all sunglasses are a perfect fit. Are you in the market for a round frame, cat-eye, aviator style, or square variety? Take your pick, because you’re more likely to find a pair that works than not too.  Oversized can be a little tricky for ovals, but not impossible. Click the pictures to shop!




A heart shaped face can be identified by the largest part of the face being the forehead. From there, the face narrows to the chin. Heart shaped faces have a pronounced chin. The sunglass styles you’re looking for are cat-eye, aviator, wayfarer, round, and square frames. These will be an ideal fit for you. Click the pictures to shop!