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Shopping for the Guy in Your life this Valentine's Day

Welcome to the first installment of AGent of Style! The team here at Good Grit has invited me take your questions, and offer advice on all things style. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it is the perfect time to kick things off. While I hope to hear a great deal from all you gents out there… our first question comes from Molly in Atlanta. 


Dear Thomas: 

I recently started dating a guy about a month ago - he’s great. I wanted to give him something nice for our first Valentine’s, but didn’t want to go overboard so early in the relationship. Can you share some appropriate options for newer relationships? - Molly


Dear Molly:

Great question, and thanks for being the first question on my column! When we meet someone we think is awesome, or might even be “the one” - it is easy to go all out for the holiday dedicated to love! My advice is to share a gift that lets him know you care, but doesn’t seem like you’ve already picked out your wedding invitations! 

New relationships have an energy that is intoxicating, the trick is to keep that magic going. So in a newer situations, let that spark be part of the gift. Meaning, take the opportunity to do romantic gestures like a sweet note in a card, share a romantic dinner and great conversation, and a more reserved gift this first holiday. 

Great first Valentine’s gifts should be something that will remind him of you. Something he will use in his daily life that has a quality about it that will make him smile every time he uses it. Some good options: a nice key chain, wallet/money clip, or pen. These are items guys use everyday, and more times than not could use an upgrade. Choose one that reflects his personality. If you’ve been dating for three months or more, you could add a moderately priced watch in the mix - we gents love our watches. 

Hope this helps… Happy Valentine’s! 


- Thomas 


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