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Female Chef: Cassy Joy Garcia

Female Chef: Cassy Joy Garcia

This is Cassy Joy Garcia:  Optimistic. Determined. Encouraging. Author. Nutritionist. Self-Motivator.

Cassy, a 30-year-old native San Antonian, retained her maiden name of Garcia for business to honor her grandfather, whose family emigrated from Mexico. Growing up with three sisters and caring parents who cooked home-cooked meals, as she entered college and lived on her own, social activities kept her so busy that she forgot to eat.  She was becoming noticeably thinner and continued to eat less because her appearance mirrored a healthy lifestyle.  Cassy was borderline anorexic and her family was getting concerned. When she turned 21, her weight yo-yoed and shot in the opposite direction. She was drinking beer, eating pizza and potato skins and just about anything a college student could afford. Her weight gain contributed to a negative body image, and she could barely get through her classes without falling asleep.

So Cassy started the crash diet circuit over the next few years, tackling Atkins, South Beach, Low Calorie, Low Fat.  She even attempted Veganism.  None of these techniques lasted long and she always found herself gaining weight a short time after each diet concluded.  

When Cassy first attempted Paleo, it was to look skinnier - to fit in those smaller jeans tucked away in the corner of her closet. Once she started feeling better, her newfound Paleo lifestyle became easier, almost second nature. Her unhealthy body image washed away, she slept better, had a rejuvenation of her confidence, energy and self-esteem. 

Taking what she learned firsthand from her health challenges, Cassy put in years of research, and is now giving back to those who she hopes can realize that they can do it too.   She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree, and is a nutrition consultant and an expert in the kitchen with over 400 nutritious recipes in her arsenal.  She created her website FedandFit.com to empower healthy lifestyle transformations through clear nutrition science and delicious Paleo-friendly foods.

Fed & Fit: A 28-Day Food & Fitness Plan to Jumpstart Your Life With Over 175 Paleo Recipes, out Summer 2016 (Victory Belt). 'Fed & Fit' features 190 of her grain-free, dairy-free and artificial-ingredient-free recipes spanning every meal of the day, from frittatas, salads and casseroles to slower cooker favorites.